What is a Community Foundation?

The Halstead Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Central Kansas Community Foundation (CKCF) which has been designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization.   Through our affiliation with CKCF we are able to receive your tax-exempt gifts, invest these gifts for long-term growth and each year we distribute 5% of the year-end-balance in the form of grants to local charities.


How does a Community Foundation work?

Your gift to the Halstead Community Foundation goes into one or more types of funds.  Your gift can go into one fund created by you or be allocated to more than one fund, exactly as you desire.  Your gift is invested by professional investment managers and each year 5% of the year-end balance of that fund is distributed.  The eligible recipient or recipients of that 5% distribution depends on the fund and your intent.

If you make a contribution to a specific Organization Fund, only that organization will receive the benefit.  If you establish a contribution to a Donor Advised you decide which eligible recipient or recipients receive that 5% distribution.  If you make a contribution to an Impact Fund, the Halstead Community Foundation’s Board of Directors determines, based on local needs how much and to which eligible recipients annual distributions will be made.

A gift to one of the Scholarship Funds will be awarded in the form of scholarships based on criteria set-forth in the Memorandum of Understanding.  You may want to consider an Educational Fund which has a larger criteria base.  This fund could support teachers incentives, board approved expenditures and other expenses.


What geographical area does the Halstead Community Foundation serve?

The Halstead Community Foundation serves the greater Halstead area.  However, depending on grant requests, we will consider all territory served by USD 440.


Who is eligible to apply for and receive grants?

Individuals may apply for a grant on behalf of eligible recipients.  Because of current tax laws, the Halstead Community Foundation may only award grants to 501(c)(3) organizations or public agencies.  Grants may only be awarded to not-for-profit entities through grants and individuals through scholarships.


How do I know which grant program to apply for?

Each fund has its own unique purpose.  Organization Funds are generally used to support only that specific organization. Scholarship Funds are awarded based on the specific criteria and qualifications as determined by the donor.  Grants from Donor Advised Funds and Designated Funds are determined by the donor of those gifts.  Field of Interest Funds are available to support or in support of specific fields of interest.

Grants from Impact Funds are awarded based on the merits of the request and the impact that the award will have on the larger community.


Are grants awarded to individuals?

No.  Grants are available only to qualified recipients, generally tax-exempt charitable entities that have a 501(c)(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service.  Scholarships are however awarded to individuals, but the scholarship awards are generally payable to the school for the benefit of the scholarship recipient.


What is the process of reviewing and approving grants?

The Halstead Community Foundation typically meets on a monthly basis.  Written grant applications are reviewed by our Board and the merits of each application are discussed and voted on by the Board.  The Halstead Community Foundation Board then seeks approval from the Central Kansas Community Foundation to fund those requests that the Halstead Board approves.  The role that the Central Kansas Community Foundation plays in the process is necessary because the host/affiliate relationship that Halstead has with Central Kansas and helps to ensure that the Halstead Community Foundation preserves tax-exempt status.


Does the Community Foundation fund ongoing operating expenses?

Generally, no.  The Halstead Community Foundation’s primary focus is on new initiatives, expansion of existing programs, and capital needs.  Grant funding is not awarded on a renewable or ongoing basis.  For this reason, one of our criteria for evaluation is an organization’s ability to sustain the program once Foundation resources are expended.


Can a religious organization apply for funding?

While the donors may recommend or designate religious organizations to receive grants from their own separate endowed funds, the Halstead Community Foundation does not fund religious organizations for religious purposes through our normal application processes.  However, religious organizations are eligible to apply for funding to provide services in a nondiscriminatory and ecumenical manner to the Halstead community.


Can an entity without 501(c)(3) status apply for a grant?

Grants are awarded to 501(c)(3) organizations, schools, and religious organizations.  If an organization is not incorporated, it can still apply so long as it obtains fiscal sponsorship through a registered 501(c)(3).  In this case, funds would be awarded to the fiscal agent.  The Halstead Community Foundation may also award grants to non-charitable organizations as long as the purpose for which the funds will be used qualify as charitable in nature.


What is the Halstead Impact Fund and what is the maximum grant amount available?

The Halstead Impact Fund is an unrestricted grant fund available to activities and projects that have an impact on the larger Halstead community.  The Halstead Community Foundation’s Board of Directors receives written grant applications and considers the request based on available funding and the impact on the community that the grant is likely to have.  The maximum amount of available for grant purposes each year is limited to five percent of the prior-year end balance of this fund.


What is the Kansas Health Foundation Public Health Fund and what is the maximum grant amount available?

The Kansas Health Foundation Public Health Fund was created from proceeds the Halstead Community Foundation received from the GROW II Grant sponsored by the Kansas Health Foundation.  Grants from this fund must be used for public health.  Public Health is broadly defined to include physical and mental health, community betterment, education, etc.  The maximum amount of available for grant purposes each year is limited to five percent of the prior-year end balance of this fund


I am not a student at Halstead High School; can I still apply for one of the available scholarships?

Students and faculty of both Halstead/Bentley USD 440 and Sedgwick USD 439 are eligible to apply for scholarships from the Larry and Alma Herl Memorial Scholarship Fund.  You must be a Halstead High School Senior to be eligible for scholarships from the Carolyn Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Bernice Wedel Memorial Scholarship Fund, the Stan Robuck Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Elizabeth Rupp Lawson Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Are there certain activities, events, projects that the Halstead Community Foundation will generally not fund?

The Halstead Community Foundation tries to remain flexible in meeting community needs; in general grants are not available to support the following:

  • Endowment campaigns
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes
  • Individuals
  • Development or public relations activities
  • Retirement of debts
  • Annual appeals or membership contributions
  • Travel expenses for bands, sports teams, classes, school organizations, etc.
  • Post-event or after-the-fact situations