Community Foundation Awards $6,000 in Grants

The Halstead Community Foundation has announced nine recipients of its 2019 grant cycle, which totaled about $6,000. Macey Mueller, director of the community foundation, presented the grants last Sunday during the Old Settlers community picnic.

“We had a lot of great projects, and we were so excited to be able to fund these really great and diverse projects that are going to make a great impact in our community,” Mueller said.

Teachers Amy Hiebert and Angie Leep accepted a grant on behalf of Halstead Middle School to be used for the school’s Dragon Den, a resource room to meet the food and toiletry needs of students.

“Anything that a kid might need that they don’t have access to, we want to be able to provide that for them,” Hiebert said.

Teacher Ashley Watkins accepted a grant to purchase “I Am That Girl” workbooks for incoming freshmen girls at Halstead High School. Girls in upper grade levels received these books thanks to a community foundation grant a year ago.

“Last year I started a girls group at the high school just with the goal of empowering girls to make changes in their lives and in the school and in the community,” Watkins explained.

Halstead Public Library received a grant to help fund programs from the Cosmosphere and Exploration Place to visit during the summer reading program in July.

“These programs are not cheap, so we used that money for the programs and also for prizes for kids that exceeded their reading this summer,” Library Director Joleen Ross said. “Everybody did such a great job.”

Halstead’s Interfaith Council was awarded a grant to fund next year’s Vacation Bible School, which grew to 135 kids this past summer.

“We specifically used the money to purchase what we call ‘gizmos,’ that go home with each kid every day,” organizer Melanie Haspels said. “They help reinforce the Bible point and are a take-home thing to help them remember what they did that day.”

Scott Koehn with the Newton Meals on Wheels accepted a grant for their program to continue delivering meals to seniors in Halstead.

Megan Evans, representing the Neighbors Store, accepted a grant to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to clients of their food pantry.

“So much of our food that we get is canned or boxed, so it’s always good to be able to give away fresh fruit and vegetables,” Evans said.

The Halstead Historical Society received a grant to help digitally preserve its slide collections.

“At the depot museum, we have accumulated a huge archive of historic slide photos of Halstead,” secretary Carolyn Williams said, adding that board members have been meeting all summer to sort through these slides, which number more than one thousand.

The Halstead Cloverleaf 4-H Club was awarded a grant to continue its Main Street beautification project of six flower planters downtown.

“We were actually able to add two of them last year, so that was amazing,” Club President Josie Engel said.

The Bentley Primary School counseling department also received funding for tools to help at-risk students, including toys for play therapy, play sand, stress balls, puppets, weighted blankets and stuffed animals, which counselor Brianna Kraus said the school was very grateful for.

All of these grants were made possible by the Halstead Community Impact Endowment fund and the Kansas Health Foundation—Halstead Fund.

By Jared Janzen, Harvey County Independent

Halstead Community Foundation Grant Cycle Open

The Halstead Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Central Kansas Community Foundation, is now accepting applications for its 2019 grant cycle. All 501(c)(3) charitable organizations serving the community of Halstead are encouraged to apply. HCF grants aim to invest in local service and community projects/programs that focus on meeting a need or enhancing Halstead.

“Our grant cycle funds provide opportunities for local nonprofits, schools, churches and civic groups to develop creative initiatives that positively impact the community,” said HCF Director Macey Mueller. “The money used to make these grants is a direct result of financial support from community members and businesses who value growth and collaboration in Halstead.”

A few recent projects funded by HCF grants include push-button handicap accessible doors at the Halstead Public Library, the purchase of three automated external defibrillators for the Halstead Police Department and the creation of the Anam Cara club at Halstead High School to help girls build confidence, learn about healthy relationships and navigate the challenges of high school.

Approximately $8,800 in grant monies are available for distribution this year through the HCF grant cycle:

  • The Halstead Impact Fund has approximately $5,300 available for the purpose of supporting charitable projects/programs that benefit those in the Halstead
  • The Kansas Health Foundation Fund-Halstead has approximately $3,500 to underwrite solutions to local health issues and for the protection and promotion of the health and well-being of individuals and their communities through the encouragement of healthy lifestyles, behaviors and environments.

Applications are available for electronic submission at Deadline for submission is 5 p.m. on May 31, 2019.

For more information, please contact Mueller at or 316-680-6271, or Brenda Sooter, CKCF program officer – grants, at or 316-283-5474.

About the Halstead Community Foundation

Halstead Community Foundation was founded in 2010 by a group of dedicated Halstead citizens to assist in providing resources for a broad range of existing and future charitable needs in the Halstead, Kansas area. The mission of the Halstead Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of educational, cultural, civic and economic life in Halstead both today and in the future by:

  • Enabling donors to fulfill their charitable interests
  • Building a permanent endowment
  • Facilitating prudent management and care of funds
  • Meeting community needs through grants, awards and scholarships.

About the Central Kansas Community Foundation

Our mission: Building Stronger Communities through Charitable Giving. Our vision is being the leader in philanthropy in the communities we serve, connecting donors with meaningful programs and causes, strengthening charitable organizations, providing leadership on local and regional issues, and building permanent community resources. Together We Can Accomplish Great Things!


2018 Grant Recipients Recognized

HALSTEAD—The Halstead Community Foundation announced the recipients of its 2018 grant cycle during the Old Settlers community picnic on Aug. 12. Nine local organizations were awarded grants that totaled just under $10,000.

The Halstead Public Library received a grant to install push-button handicap accessible doors to its main west entrance. Librarian Joleen Ross noted that this would make it much easier for the handicapped and elderly to visit the library.

A grant to Halstead’s Interfaith Council will help support the annual vacation Bible school, which will take place May 28-31 next year. Last May, the program grew tremendously to 117 kids from 49. The grant funds will help provide these children with take-home materials to reinforce the lessons they learn.

Halstead Police Department was awarded a grant to purchase three AEDs to place inside each of its vehicles. Police Chief Josh Orem said this would put officers in a better position to assist victims of cardiac arrest as they wait for EMS to arrive.

Teacher Ashley Watkins accepted a grant to start an Anam Cara club at Halstead High School. This group just for girls will help them build confidence, learn about healthy relationships, and navigate the challenges of high school, Watkins said. The grant money will go toward purchasing books for the girls to read and discuss during their meetings.

Health Ministries received a grant to purchase a small piece of equipment that goes on a patient’s finger and measures both his or her pulse and the amount of oxygen in the blood. According to Chief Financial Officer Dan Evans, these devices range from $600 to $800, and the grant will allow Health Ministries to purchase one.

A grant to the Kansas Learning Center for Health will allow the purchase of a SMART board, a flat-screen panel that can be used both at the Learning Center and on the road when staff gives programs at schools. Executive Director Carrie Herman said it would benefit students in Halstead, Harvey County, and anyone else who attends their programs.

Bentley Primary School was awarded a grant to purchase flexible seating options. According to principal Adam Conard, this would allow students to learn in a more comfortable environment.

The Halstead Clover 4H Club received a grant to maintain the four flower planters it installed downtown two years ago. Club member Josie Engel said the 4-Hers hope to continue maintaining these planters for many years to come.

Rachael Miner accepted a grant on behalf of STAND—formerly known as Youth As Resources (YAR), a program started at Halstead High School last year. It was this club that was responsible for painting the new mural at Scout Park, and Miner said the grant funds would go toward promoting positive, healthy decisions amongst youth.

This year’s grant recipients were selected from a pool of 13 applicants.

The grant cycle is made possible by two funds: the Halstead Community Impact Endowment fund and the Kansas Kansas Health Foundation—Halstead Fund. According to Executive Director JaLayna Carmichael, the foundation kept some money in reserve for the possibility of awarding a grant later this year, similar to how it helped Halstead Middle School purchase its gaga ball pit outside its normal grant cycle.

The Halstead Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Central Kansas Community Foundation. Donations to HCF may be sent to P.O. Box 4, Halstead, KS 67056.

From left, Josie Engel, Dominique Schutte and Dalaina Schutte explain the Halstead Clover 4-H Club’s plans to use its grant money to maintain the flower planters downtown.

Dan Evans shows off the device that Health Ministries will purchase with its grant from the Halstead Community Foundation. The piece of equipment measures pulse and oxygen levels in the blood.

Halstead Community Foundation Grant Recipients Honored

Halstead, KS – The Halstead Community Foundation affiliate of Central Kansas Community Foundation is pleased to announce the 2017 grant recipients.  This year, two funds supported the various projects for the community of Halstead.  The Halstead Community Impact Endowment Fund and the Kansas Health Foundation- Halstead Fund.

The Halstead Community Impact Endowment Fund was established in 2011 to support nonprofit entities for its public, charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes. Each year the Halstead Community Foundation Board can distribute 5% of the total fund to local charities.  This year recipients are: The Halstead Public Library, they received $2000.00 to assist in the upgrade of lighting, both indoors and out, to an LED system.  Halstead Middle School received two grants, each in the amount of $500. The first will go towards the program Community Service in Action.  Students in 4th -8th grade will participate in an array of service and kindness projects across Halstead and Harvey County.  The second grant will be used to assist in the Flexible Seating Initiative.  Numerous studies have shown that by engaging students in numerous postures, such as walking, lying down, moving, leaning against a desk, or perching can enhance the learning process.  The final grant from the Impact Endowment Fund went to Sound of the Heartland, in the amount of $500.  Sound of the Heartland is a local performing arts group that has developed a program known as The Fabulous 40’s.  They have a repertoire of 40’s songs with full costume and dance.  These songs are geared towards those 70+ in years and can bring back the music of one’s youth.  They will be performing in Halstead facilities, senior centers and churches where people need the inspiration of music.

The Kansas Health Foundation – Endowed Halstead Fund was established in 2013 to underwrite the solutions to local health issues, and for the protection and promotion of the health and well-being of individuals and their communities through the encouragement of healthy lifestyles, behaviors, and environments.  This year’s recipients are: Kansas Learning Center for Health and their new program Healthy Relationships.  They received $1,500 towards the program.  They will work with the Freshmen and Sophomore students at Halstead High school to teach and promote healthy relationship skills, including respectful and nonviolent behaviors in relationships.  Mirror Inc. and Youth as Resources received $1,500 to expand their program “Empowered Youth Creating Positive Community Change” into Halstead.  Through Youth as Resources the community gains needed service and at the same time builds a hedge of protection around young people.  Harvey County Circle of Hope with Peace Connections was granted $500 to provide transportation stipends to families and volunteers willing to provide transportation assistance to Hesston or Newton.  Harvey County Circle of Hope is a program to help families gain financial stability and move permanently out of poverty.

Halstead Community Foundation appreciates all of those that applied for grants and look forward to a larger grant cycle next year.  “I know that with the continued support and generosity of this community we can make a greater impact and help more organizations in the coming year.” JaLayna Carmichael, director of Halstead Community Foundation

The Halstead Community Foundation is currently promoting their community endowment for the benefit of charities serving Halstead. Contributions to the Halstead Impact Fund during 2017 will be matched by Kansas Health Foundation. If you want to be a part of meeting the needs of local charities, please send your tax-deductible contribution to Halstead Community Foundation, P.O. Box 4, Halstead, KS 67056.


KLCH gets HCF Check

2016 KLCH annual grant

Ks Learning Center for Health received $2,729.20 from the Halstead Community Foundation’s Fund. Each year Ks Learning Center for Health is granted 5% of the earnings from their fund. In the past 5 years, their grants have totaled $14,477.

Money Given To Halstead Parks

The Halstead Community Foundation is proud to present a check for $1,046 to the Parks and Recreation Department in the City of Halstead.  Grant Williams, Director of Parks & Recreation sent a grant request for improvements to the Scout Park.  The Climbing Wall in Scout Park will need several updates.  Also fall zone mulch material will be purchased to increase children’s safety around the playground equipment.  The Halstead Community Foundation is able to assist financially to many areas of interest in our Halstead Community.  If you or your family are interested in setting up a fund, please contact JaLayna Carmichael at 316-680-6271.

Halstead Parks Receives check from Halstead Community Foundation
Halstead Parks Receives check from Halstead Community Foundation

2015 Community Grants

The Halstead Community Foundation recently granted to the Halstead Library and the Health Ministries Clinic-Halstead.  The Halstead Public Library with Joleen Ross, Head Librarian was given a grant for $2,000 to aid in the purchase of a new Micro-Film Reader. The Library has records on film dating back to the 1880’s so it’s vital to keep up to date with a new Micro-Film Reader. HCF’s second grant of $2,000 went to the new Health Ministries Clinic-Halstead.  It’s so exciting to have this clinic expand for our Halstead Community.