Central Kansas Community Foundation (CKCF) Receives $50,000 from Harvey County Commissioners

Harvey County Commissioners voted March 24 to give CKCF $50,000 in relief funding for the COVID-19 charitable relief effort in Harvey County communities. The Halstead Community Foundation (HCF) is a CKCF affiliate and is working closely with the organization in the relief process.

The county’s contribution will be placed in the Central Kansas Community Relief Fund, which will be a resource for charities in the Halstead community and all of Harvey County who are seeking to meet increased needs during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donors who wish to respond to community needs may visit www.centralkansascf.org to contribute to the relief fund. Donations may be designated to a particular community or charity, giving Halstead area residents the opportunity to make a direct and local impact.

In addition to creating the relief fund, CKCF has also circulated a COVID-19 needs assessment to identify emerging needs in Harvey County communities, including Halstead. Local 501 (c)(3) charities and other tax-exempt entities, including educational institutions and churches, responding to the effects of COVID-19 are encouraged to submit a response to this form found online at centralkansascf.org/covid-19-response.

“We hope that by identifying needs before they become emergent, we can communicate an approximate dollar amount and have funding in place when it is needed,” said Susan Lamb, CKCF PPREP Grant Coordinator. “The commission funds will help us immediately address needs for food, diapers, disinfectant, hand sanitizer, wipes and operational expenses in light of cancelled fundraising events.”

As needs emerge during this time, charitable organizations and other tax-exempt entities can apply for funding through a simplified grant application, available on the CKCF website, www.centralkansacf.org. A review committee in Harvey County will determine which entities will receive the funding.

“Along with our donors, our role is to make sure that service providers have everything they need to respond to people who are vulnerable during this pandemic,” said HCF Director Macey Mueller. “Our ultimate goal is to help Halstead and other Harvey County communities respond, recover and build resiliency.”

Further information is available at www.centralkansascf.org under the “COVID-19” tab.