Gifts of Grain

As the combines start to roll for Wheat Harvest 2018, Halstead Community Foundation(HCF), an affiliate of Central Kansas Community Foundation, would like to remind you that we are equipped to take many types of assets – grain being one of them!

Together HCF and Farmers CO-OP have made it very easy for you to make a charitable gift of grain. When you bring grain into any Farmers CO-OP elevator, just write Halstead Community Foundation on your magnet, or tell the friendly face at the scale that you would like your grain placed in the Halstead Community Foundation account.  Once the grain is received, it will be sold and the proceeds with be sent directly to Halstead Community Foundation Impact Fund.  Should you wish for your gift to benefit another one of our funds, please contact JaLayna Carmichael at 316-680-6271.

Gifting grain also comes with some tax advantages. You can deduct production expenses and reduce your self-employment tax.  Please check with your tax advisor to determine whether a contribution of this type is appropriate for your tax situation.

Whether you give a few bushels, or a percentage of your harvest, your gift can help make an impact on our community! Halstead Community Foundation would like to wish all of the local farmers a safe, breakdown free, and bountiful harvest.