Halstead Community Foundation Grant Recipients Honored

Halstead, KS – The Halstead Community Foundation affiliate of Central Kansas Community Foundation is pleased to announce the 2017 grant recipients.  This year, two funds supported the various projects for the community of Halstead.  The Halstead Community Impact Endowment Fund and the Kansas Health Foundation- Halstead Fund.

The Halstead Community Impact Endowment Fund was established in 2011 to support nonprofit entities for its public, charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes. Each year the Halstead Community Foundation Board can distribute 5% of the total fund to local charities.  This year recipients are: The Halstead Public Library, they received $2000.00 to assist in the upgrade of lighting, both indoors and out, to an LED system.  Halstead Middle School received two grants, each in the amount of $500. The first will go towards the program Community Service in Action.  Students in 4th -8th grade will participate in an array of service and kindness projects across Halstead and Harvey County.  The second grant will be used to assist in the Flexible Seating Initiative.  Numerous studies have shown that by engaging students in numerous postures, such as walking, lying down, moving, leaning against a desk, or perching can enhance the learning process.  The final grant from the Impact Endowment Fund went to Sound of the Heartland, in the amount of $500.  Sound of the Heartland is a local performing arts group that has developed a program known as The Fabulous 40’s.  They have a repertoire of 40’s songs with full costume and dance.  These songs are geared towards those 70+ in years and can bring back the music of one’s youth.  They will be performing in Halstead facilities, senior centers and churches where people need the inspiration of music.

The Kansas Health Foundation – Endowed Halstead Fund was established in 2013 to underwrite the solutions to local health issues, and for the protection and promotion of the health and well-being of individuals and their communities through the encouragement of healthy lifestyles, behaviors, and environments.  This year’s recipients are: Kansas Learning Center for Health and their new program Healthy Relationships.  They received $1,500 towards the program.  They will work with the Freshmen and Sophomore students at Halstead High school to teach and promote healthy relationship skills, including respectful and nonviolent behaviors in relationships.  Mirror Inc. and Youth as Resources received $1,500 to expand their program “Empowered Youth Creating Positive Community Change” into Halstead.  Through Youth as Resources the community gains needed service and at the same time builds a hedge of protection around young people.  Harvey County Circle of Hope with Peace Connections was granted $500 to provide transportation stipends to families and volunteers willing to provide transportation assistance to Hesston or Newton.  Harvey County Circle of Hope is a program to help families gain financial stability and move permanently out of poverty.

Halstead Community Foundation appreciates all of those that applied for grants and look forward to a larger grant cycle next year.  “I know that with the continued support and generosity of this community we can make a greater impact and help more organizations in the coming year.” JaLayna Carmichael, director of Halstead Community Foundation

The Halstead Community Foundation is currently promoting their community endowment for the benefit of charities serving Halstead. Contributions to the Halstead Impact Fund during 2017 will be matched by Kansas Health Foundation. If you want to be a part of meeting the needs of local charities, please send your tax-deductible contribution to Halstead Community Foundation, P.O. Box 4, Halstead, KS 67056.